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$GG Goldcorp: Low Debt, Significant Upside

In the gold mining sector there are many companies to choose from. One of the leaders in this sector and a company worth considering is Goldcorp Incorporated (GG). While there are many different factors to look at and consider when investing, in the article below I will look at the debt side of the company. I will analyze Goldcorp’s total debt, total liabilities, debt ratios and WACC. From this analysis we should get an idea if the company is highly

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Goldcorp Inc: Stock Price Target for 2013 (NYSE:GG)

Looking forward to 2013 many different analysis see a strong price target for gold and Goldcorp Inc. (NYSE:GG) (TSE:G).

In November 2012, Bloomberg forecast gold to be US dollars 1,925.- per ounce. The bullion bank ScotiaMocatta forecasts gold to be in the US$ 2,200.- per troy ounce. The CEO of the largest US gold mining company Newmont Mining estimates that the price of gold in 2013 may increase to US dollars 2,550. (Trustablegold)

With the projected increase in gold moving

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