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Analysis of Sandridge Energy’s Debt (NYSE:SD)

A company’s debt, liabilities and risk are very important factors in understanding the company. Having an understanding of a company’s debt and liabilities is a key component in understanding the risk of a company, thus aiding in the decision to invest, not to invest, or to stay invested in a company. There are many metrics involved in understanding the debt of a company, but for this article, I will look at Sandridge Energy’s (SD) total debt, total liabilities, debt ratios

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Is Sandridge Energy’s Valuation a Takeover Target? (NYSE:SD)

Is Sandridge Energy a good take over target?


Sandridge Energy has been under some consideration as a take over target . In this article I will be analyzing the company’s size, debt, cash, Ownership, Valuation and peformance.

Based on the above criteria we should get an idea if the company is attractive as a take over target.

1. Size of the company

Currently Sandridge Energy’s Market Cap is 2.98 billion.

A mid cap company is a company with a

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