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Lowe’s: A Good Time To Buy? $LOW $HD


For investors looking to invest in the U.S. housing recovery, Lowe’s (LOW) is a retail building supply store that currently has strong fundamentals, pays a 1.5% yield and is in a growing sector; but is it overvalued?

In the section below, I will analyze aspects of Lowe’s past performance. From this evaluation, we will be able to see how Lowe’s has fared over the past five years regarding their profitability, debt and capital, and operating efficiency. Based on this information,

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Lowe’s (NYSE:low): Analysis of Debt And Risk

A company’s debt, liabilities and risk are very important factors in understanding the company. Having an understanding of a company’s debt and liabilities is a key component in understanding the risk of a company, thus aiding in the decision to invest, not to invest, or to stay invested in a company. There are many metrics involved in understanding the debt of a company, but for this article, I will look at Lowe’s Companies Inc.’s (LOW) total debt, total liabilities, debt

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